This article is for teams looking to collect feedback from teammates internally (i.e. Boards and Posts will not be visible to the public).

Setting Canny up for internal use is easy. We'll get Canny set up so that only your internal teammates will have access to boards.

A quick note about Canny Teammates
We recommend inviting any other decision makers on your team to be a Canny Teammate (admin). Anybody who will be using the feedback to do their jobs. This often includes people on the product team (product managers, designers, etc.). 

Anybody who is only on Canny to give feedback should not be invited to be an admin as a Canny Teammate. Only employees who will actually be taking action on feedback need to be Canny Teammates

Getting Canny set up

There are two main ways to use Canny internally.

Method #1: Using your Canny subdomain

Every company on Canny has a subdomain ( Using your subdomain is the easiest way to get started on Canny.

All you need to do is head to the Boards tab in your Canny Settings to adjust your board settings to "Private". Under "Teammates", you can whitelist your email domains. For us, that would be "". That way, only people with emails can access our board.

Once you have your board(s) set up, you just need to share your Canny link with the team. If they sign up with an email address you've added to the whitelist, they'll be able to see the boards.

Method #2: Using the Canny widget

The widget is a great option if the teammates you want feedback from are using a shared interface. Embedding a Canny widget means they wouldn’t have to leave their main tool. It's more work than method #1 but creates a more seamless experience.

With the widget, you control access to your boards. Make sure you embed it on a page that only your teammates can access.

Once you have your widget installed, your teammates can go to that page to give feedback.

Next up

Great, once you've set Canny up using one of those methods, you're ready to onboard your team! We recommend you communicate why you're using Canny and the benefits for both you and your team.

We've written an article with some practical instructions you can include.

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