Automatic Post De-Duplication

How automatic deduplication works within the Canny Inbox

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Allow Canny to automatically merge similar posts by enabling automatic deduplication.

Canny AI currently detects duplicates with a high level of accuracy, so we offer the option to let the AI handle deduplication. With automatic deduplication enabled, Canny will automatically merge duplicate posts.


  • Saves time and effort of manually approving suggested duplicates in the Inbox

  • Reduces load of pending posts

  • Adds further context of duplicates to existing posts

How do I enable automatic deduplication?

Automatic deduplication can be added from the Inbox page in your Canny settings:

If automation is left OFF

Posts created in Canny (either by AI or by users) are scanned and compared to your existing posts for duplicates. Duplicates must then be approved manually from the Inbox:

Approving a duplicate merges the posts. Similarly, for Canny Posts that are found to have duplicates after their creation, approving a duplicate will merge the two posts together.

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