1. Add the CNAME Record

Follow instructions here to add a CNAME record from feedback.yourcompany.com to cname.canny.io.

Make sure you point the CNAME record to "cname.canny.io", not "your-subdomain.canny.io".

2. Force SSL on HTTP

Follow instructions here to set up a page rule that forces SSL on your HTTP subdomain. This will make it so that http://feedback.yourcompany.com always redirects to https://feedback.yourcompany.com.

The URL match field should be "http://feedback.yourcompany.com/*" and the settings should be to "Always use HTTPS".

3. Set up Flexible SSL on HTTPS

Follow instructions here again to set up another page rule that uses Flexible SSL on your HTTPS subdomain. This will make it so that users connect to your domain via HTTPS, but Cloudflare connects to our server via HTTP.

4. Disable HTML minification

HTML minification breaks our application because we use isomorphic React, which depends on the server response not being modified. You'll have to disable HTML minification for your custom domain to work.

Feel free to reach out to our team if you need further assistance!

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