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Use Okta SSO to enable employees to sign into Canny

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Canny’s Okta SSO integration allows your employees to sign into your Canny company as admins via your Okta organization.


The Okta Single Sign-on integration is available to customers on our Business Plan. If you’re interested in adding Okta SSO to your account, contact us.

To set up the integration, you must be an admin in both Canny and your Okta organization.

Configuration Steps

1. First you’ll need to install the Canny app within your Okta organization. In Okta, go to the Applications tab and then click Add Application.

2. In the search field, type “Canny” and click the matching result to visit our app page.

3. Click Add to install Canny.

4. Next you’ll see the General Settings screen. Click Done to continue.

5. Now that the app is installed on Okta’s side, you can add users or groups of users that are allowed to access Canny as admins via SSO. You must add yourself here to continue the installation process.

6. Go to the Sign On tab and copy the Client ID and Client Secret values. These will be used in the next step.

7. Log into your Canny company and head to the settings page. In the left sidebar you’ll find the Okta SSO settings panel. Here is where you’ll paste the Client ID and Client Secret that you copied from Okta’s Sign On settings in step 6. You’ll also need to know your Okta Domain which may look something like mycompany.okta.com. Once you’ve filled out these fields, click Connect Okta to complete the installation process.

After the installation has completed, your employees will be able to log into Canny from their Okta dashboard.

Let us know if you have any questions!

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