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Assigning Canny teammates different roles with dedicated permissions

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Canny offers three pre-defined roles for teammates:

  • Contributor

  • Manager

  • Owner

Canny also allows you to create custom roles with specific permissions (see below). Custom roles are only available with a Business plan subscription.

Roles are specified when you invite people to your Canny team:

Once they're on the team, you can easily change their role from the dropdown as long as you are an admin or you're on a custom role that includes that permission

Permissions for pre-defined roles

Here's the breakdown:

Custom admin roles

Teams on the Canny Business plan are able to create custom roles with custom permissions. You can start a chat to discuss a Business plan subscription for your team.

Note: Admins assigned to custom roles are billable, just like Owner and Manager seats. unless the custom role has fewer permissions than the pre-defined Contributor role.

Please reach out to our team about upgrading or if you have any questions!

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