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Automated Spam Detection and Moderation
Automated Spam Detection and Moderation
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Unwanted spam can be a significant detractor from processing valuable feedback. The new Moderation feature aims to catch undesirable content before is posted to your boards!

Focus more on your valuable feedback and less on fighting spam.

Canny will automatically filter and classify each spam post/comment based on a confidence level for you to review. All filtered spam will be hidden from your boards by default.


From your admin feedback view, you'll see a new Moderation option in the sidebar. From there, you can delete the post/comment, ban and delete the user, or mark it as "not spam" if it was incorrectly classified.


While our system does the best it can, it's possible that some spam slips through. You can still mark those posts/comments as spam from the post view.

Moderation is currently available as a beta feature to teams on our Growth and Business plans. To see a full list of our pricing plans, you can view our pricing guide here.

As usual, if you have any questions, we are always here to help!

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