Canny's Jira integration lets you link Canny posts with Jira issues. This way you can associate customer feedback data with project management data.

Connecting Canny posts to Jira issues

Let's say an important customer requests a feature. Your team decides they want to build the feature. From Canny, you can push their request directly into Jira:

If the Jira issue already exists, you link that Jira issue with the feature request in Canny.

When viewing a Jira issue, you'll be able to see linked Canny posts.

 Likewise, when viewing a Canny post, you'll be able to see the linked Jira issues:

This adds valuable context to both products.

Note: The Jira link only shows up in the admin view.

Syncing Statuses

Under your Jira settings, you can create rules so that when an issue's status changes, linked Canny posts are updated as well.

How to set it up

Canny's Jira integration is listed on Atlassian's marketplace. You can find it here.

After you've installed it, you'll need to do some brief configuration to link your Jira company account to your Canny company account.

1. Click "Configure"

2. Select the account you'd like to sync Jira with, click "Configure Plugin"

That's it!

The Jira integration is only available on our Growth plan and above. Contact us if you have any questions!

Happy developing! 👨🏻‍💻


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