Canny's GitHub integration lets you link Canny posts with GitHub issues. This way, you can keep the two platforms in sync. 

How to install

To get started, go to your GitHub settings page and click the "Install GitHub" button.

You will then be routed to GitHub where you will be prompted to install our GitHub App.

Select where you want to install Canny. Choose the profile or organization with the GitHub issues you'll be linking to Canny.

You can choose all repositories or select only the repositories that have issues you'd like to link to.

Finally, you will be rerouted back to Canny to complete the installation process. Simply select the company you'd like to integrate with GitHub.

You can then configure what happens to your linked Canny posts when issues are closed in GitHub.

After successfully installing GitHub, you should see a new section in the post sidebar and in the roadmapping/prioritization tool:

Start typing in the name of the issue and Canny will search GitHub and provide suggestions. Select the issue you'd like to link and you're done!

NOTE: Only OPEN Github issues can be linked. If the issue is closed, you'll need to reopen it in order to link it to Canny!

You should now be able to click on the link and Canny will route you to your issue. The Canny bot leaves a comment in GitHub with a link back to the Canny post.

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