Installing Canny

Get Canny set up on your website so you can start collecting feedback.

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Getting Canny set up on your website is quick and easy. Once set up, your users will be able to leave you feedback.

When you sign up for Canny, you get your own portal and portal link ( Your Canny feedback portal looks something like this:

Note: Instead of, you can set up a custom domain such as Check out this page for how to set up a custom domain.

All you have to do is link to your portal from inside your product/website. Put the link somewhere it's easy to find. We recommend no more than 2 clicks away.

It's as easy as that! 🚀

Automatically identify users for seamless feedback

If your users are already logged in to your product, use Canny Identify so we can connect their feedback to their existing account. This also means they won't have to log in to Canny or create a user profile give you feedback. Take a look at our install docs (step #2) to set up Canny Identify.

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