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How to use the Roadmap Prioritization features in Canny

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Once you have feedback in Canny, you can start making data-driven decisions on your roadmap!

Getting started

To access Roadmap Prioritization in Canny, head to the Roadmap tab in your admin view:

From there, click on the gear wheel icon ⚙️ in the settings to get started:

This is where you'll be able to:

  • Score based on custom impact factors to weigh in important values

  • Adjust the formula by assigning different weights to each factor

  • Inform your team on the most impactful things to work on

  • More on scoring below...

Creating roadmaps

We've created your first Roadmap for you. Teams often have their own goals. Using separate Roadmaps means you can prioritize accordingly.

We recommend creating separate Roadmaps per team to keep things organized. For agile teams, you may also choose to have separate Roadmaps per sprint so you can start with a clean slate each time.

We've written a blog post about how the Canny team prioritizes.

Adding posts to your roadmap

The first thing you'll want to do is add posts to your roadmap.

From the feedback view

On the right side of any post, you can send it to select roadmaps.

From the roadmap

In the roadmap view, the last row says "Add new post". By default, Canny will prompt you to create a new post in the select board. Alternatively, you can choose an existing post.

From the roadmap header

Just like creating a new post from the feedback view, you can do so from the roadmap view.

Roadmap Factors and Scoring

Each post's score is determined by the Factors involved and the weight assigned to each. Factors can be anything your team wants to weigh into prioritization. For example: impact, reach, potential revenue, etc.

Every Roadmap can have its own factors and weights. To modify a roadmap's scoring, click on the gear icon in the score column.

You'll be presented with this scoring modal where you can add new impact factors:


By default, you'll see a Votes impact factor. This factor cannot be deleted. If you would like to exclude votes from the final score, you can set the weight of the Votes factor to 0.

You can manually create a field for "impact" and score it, or you can include fields that are automatically updated.

For example:

  • MRR impact

  • Opportunity revenue

  • Votes from paying customers

Anything with numeric values can be factored in (including custom fields). This is a huge benefit over spreadsheets where values are constantly going stale. With these fields, you can be more confident in the impact different features can have.

To add these new fields to your prioritization, head to your admin roadmap tab and hit the gear icon next to "score" and configure new impact factors.


Factor types will be specified upon creation and cannot be modified after the formula is saved. The weight of each factor can be adjusted at any time.

You can view a detailed breakdown of the math behind the final score here.

Things to know:

  • Teammates with the "Contributor" admin role do not have access to alter a roadmap (but they can see it).

  • The roadmap/prioritization tool is different from the end-user roadmap. The roadmap/prioritization tool is NEVER visible to your end-users. Only people listed on the Admins page in your Canny settings can see the roadmap/prioritization tool.

Let us know if you have any questions!

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