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Link Canny posts with ClickUp tasks and sync their statuses

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Canny's ClickUp integration lets you link Canny posts with ClickUp tasks. This way you can associate customer feedback data with project management data.

How to set it up

To be able to install the ClickUp integration, make sure you are an Owner of your Canny instance.

We recommend creating a "Canny" ClickUp user to authenticate the integration. This way, you can specify which Spaces, Folders, and Lists the integration has access to.

Under your ClickUp settings in Canny, click on "Install ClickUp" and select the ClickUp workspaces you want to connect to Canny.

That's it, your ClickUp account is now connected to Canny!

Creating ClickUp tasks from Canny posts

Every Canny post now features a new "ClickUp Tasks" section in the post sidebar. To create a new ClickUp task, click on "Create new task", pick a Workspace, a Space, a Folder, and a List. Give your task a name and fill in its description.

You can open the newly created task in ClickUp by clicking on its name in the post sidebar.

Connecting ClickUp tasks to Canny posts

To connect an existing ClickUp task to a Canny post, you'll need the ClickUp Task ID. Once you have that, click "Link task" and enter the Task ID.

To unlink a task, hover over the task name on the post sidebar and click the "X" icon. Both events are registered as comments in the ClickUp task:

Syncing Statuses

Under your ClickUp settings, you can create rules so that when a task's status changes, linked Canny posts are updated as well:

You're all set!

The ClickUp integration is available on all plans. Contact us if you have any questions!

Happy developing! 👨🏻‍💻

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