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Smart Replies

Automatically improve the quality of user feedback using AI

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Smart Replies allow you to automatically prompt users for clarification on the feedback they submit. This is powered by Canny's Autopilot AI and leads to better feedback with more context from your users. All with zero additional effort!

Note: Smart Replies are only available on the Growth plan and above. Each Smart Reply uses 1 Autopilot credit.

Enabling Smart Replies

Smart Replies can be enabled from the Boards tab in your Canny settings:

Once enabled, Smart Replies will automatically show up as a public comment:

Things to note:

  • Smart Replies are enabled on a board-by-board basis.

  • Replies can take up to 2 hours to generate.

  • Canny will not generate replies for

    • Posts that are suspected to be spam

    • Posts that appear blatantly nonsensical (e.g. gibberish)

    • Posts with harmful or inflammatory content (e.g. insults)

  • If you'd like replies to come from a "bot" admin, you can invite a new Contributor from the Admins page in your Canny settings for that purpose.

  • Replies are only generated for posts created after Smart Replies have been enabled.

  • Smart Replies are available on the Growth and Business plans. See plans

As always, please let us know if you have any questions!

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