What are comments and what function do they serve in Canny?

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Comments help you turn feedback into a two-way street! Canny offers you two types of comments: Public and Internal comments.

Public comments

Public comments are visible to anyone with access to that board—both end-users, and fellow Canny teammates. You can add public comments from the admin view, or switch to the public view.

  • When a Canny admin publicly comments on a post, the post's author and all voters will be notified of that comment via email.

  • A reply will only email the user being responded to.

Internal comments

Internal comments are only visible to fellow Canny teammates. Your end-users will not see any internal comments.

  • Fellow teammates who are mentioned will receive an email, and they will also see a notification the next time they log into Canny.

  • Internal comments are only available on the Business plan.

Private Comments

You also have the ability to make end-user comments private! With this setting on, only Canny admins will be able to see comments submitted by your end-users. This is a board-level setting so make sure to turn it on for each board you'd like to have private comments.

This can be enabled from the Boards tab in your Canny settings using the "Allow end-users to see each others' comments" toggle:


Teammates will be emailed when:

  • Another teammate mentions them in an internal comment.

  • Someone replies to a comment they've made.

End-users will be emailed when:

  • An admin comments on a post they wrote or voted on.

  • Someone replies to a comment they made.

Markdown formatting

Comments (both internal and public) also support markdown syntax if you want to format the text in the comment!

By the way, markdown is also supported in the post details! Learn more

Just let us know if you have any questions!

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