Sharing a Roadmap

How to share a read-only roadmap

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Canny allows you to share a filtered view of any roadmap. Just follow the steps below!

Filtering a roadmap (required before sharing)

Canny allows you to create a custom-filtered view of your roadmap so you can disregard any scoring columns that are not relevant to you.

You can save this as a view to easily switch between different views:

You can manage saved views from the Saved Filters page in the Canny settings.

Sharing a Roadmap

You can share a roadmap by filtering it into a view (see above). Any saved view of the roadmap can be shared as a read-only link.

You can then share the roadmap with an email invite. The user will receive a custom-branded email that looks like this:

Once the user clicks to accept the invite, they'll be directed to the shared roadmap page:

Things to note:

  • The person receiving the invite does NOT have to be a member of your organization. Any email can receive the invite to a shared roadmap view.

  • This shared view is read-only. Non-Canny admins cannot alter, share further, or export it.

  • You also have the option to export a roadmap as a static CSV (spreadsheet file) if you prefer to share it.

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