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Create and use saved filters to easily understand your feedback

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In the admin view, on the left-hand side of your Canny post list, you'll see multiple different filter options. Saved filters allow you to create a "preset" using a custom mix of filter parameters.

For example, you could create:

Filter A: "My Dashboard Requests"

  • Only show posts from the "Feature Requests" Board

  • Only posts assigned to me

  • Only posts in the "Dashboard" Category

Filter B: "Security Issues"

  • Only show posts from the "Bugs" and the "Mobile App" Boards

  • Only posts in either Open or Under Review status

  • Only posts tagged with the Security tag

Filter C: "Top VIP Requests"

  • Only show posts from the "Ideas" Board

  • Filter using the "VIP" user segment

  • Sort posts by MRR (Monthly Recurring Revenue)

This feature will make it much faster to find the feedback most relevant to you!

Creating a Saved Filter

You already have a "Default" filter. If you adjust the filter by changing the options on the left side, you'll be prompted to update your current filter or create a new one.

Both your selected filters and sorting are preserved in the saved filter.

You can filter your posts by any of the following:

You can sort your posts by any of the following:

  • Trending

  • Top

  • Newest

  • Oldest

  • Monthly Recurring Revenue

  • Opportunities (requires a Business plan with Salesforce integration)

Exporting feedback

You can also export feedback depending on your filters! Just specify your filters and hit the download button:

Things to note:

  • Saved filters are specific to individual Canny admins. Feel free to create filters specific to you as nobody else will see them.

  • Words or phrases typed into the Search box are not included as part of a saved filter.

  • Saved filters can be deleted or renamed in the Saved Filters tab in your Canny Settings.

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