If you need to export all the details on your posts for further analysis, Canny's got you covered! 

You can either export all the posts on a board or export a filtered selection of posts.

Exporting a full board

Just head to the Boards tab in your Canny Settings and select the Export Data option: 

Exporting a filtered selection of Posts

You can export feedback depending on your filters! For example, you can export:

  • Posts from all boards

  • Posts with a certain tag

  • Posts where you are the owner

  • Any combination of the above

Just specify your filters and hit the download button:


What gets exported?

The resulting CSV (spreadsheet file) from either process will have a spreadsheet breakdown of every Post export. Exports include the following info: 

  • Post Title

  • Post Detail

  • Score (Total Votes) 

  • Comment Count

  • Date Posts were created 

  • Image URLs

  • Post Status

  • Post URL

  • Tags

  • Post Author

  • Category

  • Post Owner

As usual, feel free to reach out if you have any questions! We are here to help! 😃

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