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Exporting feedback

Downloading feedback to a CSV (spreadsheet file) or export via the API

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Exporting posts

1. Export a full board

Just head to the Boards tab in your Canny Settings and select the Export Data option: 

2. Export a filtered selection of posts

You can export feedback from the main Feedback page including all your filters!
For example, you can export:

  • Posts from all boards

  • Posts with a certain tag

  • Posts where you are the owner

  • Any combination of the above

Just specify your filters and hit the download button:

What gets exported when exporting posts?

The resulting CSV (spreadsheet file) from either process will have a spreadsheet breakdown of every Post export. Exports include the following info: 

  • Post Title

  • Post Detail

  • Score (Total Votes) 

  • Comment Count

  • Date Posts were created 

  • Image URLs

  • Post Status

  • Post URL

  • Post Author

  • Associated MRR

Export voters

You can export the voter list for any given post. Just open up the voter list, and you'll see the option to export that list in the bottom left-hand corner of the list:

Export feedback via the API

Data can also be exported from the Canny back-end using the Canny API.

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