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Embedding Canny directly into your website or mobile app

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You can use a Canny widget to collect feedback directly in your website or mobile app. Partnered with SSO, widgets create a seamless feedback experience for your voters. 

NOTE: Private boards can only be rendered in a widget with SSO tokens included.

Put a link to your widget in your product so users can find it when they need it!

You can view live examples of the Canny widget here and here. This is what the widget might look like on your page:

Set up is easy! Just log into your Canny account to access the necessary keys.

Identifying Widget Users:

  1. You can pass an SSO token.

  2. Identify the user without the user logging in via Canny Identify

But if you do neither of those things, the user will still be able to log in via the widget!

Contact us if you have any questions—we're always here to help!

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