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The Canny changelog is a great way for your team to officially announce product updates. Your users will be able to view all your release updates on a single, unified page! ย ๐Ÿ“ฃ

Create a changelog entry

Head to the Changelog tab in Canny and click on Create a new entry

Link a post

Link any posts that are related to this entry:

If a user goes to that post in Canny, they'll be directed to the changelog entry for further details:


Use Labels to make your changelog filterable and categorize your entries:

Users can easily filter your changelog page using those labels.

See a live example!

The Changelog widget

Embed a widget with your changelog directly into your product, just like you see in Canny:

Here's an example of how that may look in your product!:

When a new changelog entry is published, a red notification dot will show on the widget indicating new release notes.

You can also filter the changelog widget to only show entries for specified label IDs. This is great for when you have separate products and want to display a different changelog widget for each.


To get started, head to our widget customization docs here under "Filter the changelog".

Changelog Privacy

You have the option to limit changelog visibility, just like private boards. This can be toggled from the changelog privacy tab in your settings:

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