The Canny Changelog is a great way for your team to officially announce product updates.

You should see a "Changelog" tab at the top of your admin view. From there, click on "Create a new entry" to start your first entry.

1. Linked Posts

If your changelog entry has associated Canny feedback posts, you can link them here. Canny will add a link to this changelog entry on the linked posts.

2. Labels

If your product is divided into multiple areas, labels are a great way to differentiate updates. People viewing your changelog will be able to filter all your changelog entries down to the labels they care about.

3. Entry content

This is the main component of every changelog entry. We support markdown do you can format your text to best communicate your updates. Include images!

Changelog widget

With the Changelog widget, you can embed your latest updates directly inside your product. It's a great way to get your customers to engage with new features. 

See the widget documentation

With Changelog, you can complete the entire feedback loop in Canny.

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