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What is a tracked user?
What is a tracked user?

Anyone who posts, votes, or comments is a tracked user.

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👉 A tracked user is anybody who posts, votes, or comments on your Canny boards. 

Users of your product who do not interact with Canny are not considered tracked users.

Other details:

  • Once tracked, a user can post, vote, or comment as many times as they want—they will only ever count as one user.

  • Note that users you "vote on behalf" of are counted as tracked users as well.

  • Users can be added manually.

  • You can view our current pricing and plan information on our Pricing Page.

Does it reset every month?

No, as long as the user is in the Canny system, they remain a tracked user. 

Can I delete tracked users?

Yes, as a Canny admin, you can delete tracked users. When a tracked user is deleted, their feedback is also removed from Canny. Read more about that here.

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