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Vote On Behalf of Your Users
Vote On Behalf of Your Users

This feature lets you track the feedback you get from other channels

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Options to add feedback on a user's behalf

1. Directly in Canny

  • Use the Add Voter link on the right-hand panel to search and add votes.

  • We highly recommend setting up our SDK to automatically populate this list with your users.

  • New users can be added manually using this option.

2. The Canny Chrome extension

  • Add feedback from anywhere on someone's behalf using the Chrome extension.

  • The Chrome extension is available on the Growth and Business plans.

  • New users can be added manually using this option.

3. The Canny API

  • Create posts, votes, and comments via the back-end.

  • The Canny API allows you to easily pass data into/out of Canny.

4. The Canny Inbox

  • Canny will automatically recommend feedback to add on behalf of a user based on your conversations.

  • This is an AI-powered function available on our Growth and Business plans.

5. Via the following integrations:

There are also third-party API tools available that integrate with Canny (functions can vary):

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