This feature is for you if:

  • You don't want to show a Canny board publicly on your website but want to keep track of which users want what

  • You get feedback via other channels (Email, Intercom, customer calls etc.) that you want to keep track of in Canny

  • You ever have to enter feedback manually on a user's behalf

In your admin view, the right-hand panel on each post allows you to manually add voters.

Type in who expressed interest in that post. Canny will suggest existing users if the name matches. (We recommend setting up our SDK to populate the list of existing users).

> "Will they get status update emails?"

Yes. When you add a voter, you have the option of adding an email address. Canny will send them an email update when you change the status of the post.

Vote on behalf with our integrations

If your team uses Intercom, Zendesk, or Salesforce, you can vote on behalf of customers straight from those tools.

Check out more about those integrations:

As always, if you have any questions, just shoot us a message!

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