User Segmentation

Segment users to see feedback based on priority user groups (e.g. Paying, Churned, VIP, etc.)

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Segment your customers into groups using attributes you pass into Canny.

User segmentation is available on the Growth and Business plans.

Not all clients are created equal. Sometimes there's a specific user group you want to focus on. Here are some examples:

  • Paying accounts

  • Churned users

  • Clients that are B2B

  • People who signed up in the last 6 months

  • Individuals based on their role

How it works

User data is fed into Canny using any of the following methods:

As that data is passed into Canny as attributes, you can then use those data points to divide users into segments!

Where to use user segmentation

The Feedback sidebar:

Creating/Editing a Segment

Click on the settings gear wheel in the feedback tab:

From there, select “Create a new segment”, which will bring you to the segment editor:

Next, just name and define your segment using the attributes you've passed to Canny:

Things to note:

  • Only users who have participated in Canny (meaning they have a post, vote, or comment attributed to them) will be included in their corresponding segments.

    • Users who have no participation in Canny will still appear on Users tab in Canny, but will be excluded from that segment until there is a post, vote, or comment attributed to them.

    • This doesn't apply to filtering board access. Board privacy can be filtered by user segment without worrying about whether the user has a post, vote, or comment attributed.

  • User segmentation is available on the Growth and Business plans.

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