User Segmentation

Segment users to see feedback based on priority user groups (e.g. Paying, Churned, VIP, etc.)

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Not all customers are created equal. Sometimes there's a specific user group you want to focus on. Here are some examples:

  • Paying customers

  • Churned customers

  • Customers that are B2B

  • Customers who signed up in the last 6 months

  • User's based on their role

Our User Segmentation feature helps you filter feedback to those groups you care about.

How it works

User data is fed into Canny using any of the following methods:

As that data is passed into Canny, you can use those data points to divide users into segments!

You can view and edit your segments in the sidebar of the admin view of any board:

Create your first Segment

Click on the settings gear wheel to view all of your team’s custom segments. From there, select “Create a new segment”, which will bring you to the segment editor.

Here you will edit the attributes of your segment by selecting a field, an operator, and, if necessary, a value. Then give your segment a name and hit save. 

Congratulations—you’ve made your first segment! 🎉

Once you add a custom field to one of your users or companies, you will see it as an available field to filter on when you create a new segment.

Viewing feedback from a segment

With your new segment created, you can gain insights on which features they value most.

Select a segment from the drop-down to filter your posts—the scores you see represent only the votes from users in that segment.


Only users who have participated in Canny (meaning they have posted, voted, or commented) will be included in their corresponding segments. Users who have no participation in Canny will still appear on the Users page, but will be excluded from that segment until there is a post, vote, or comment attributed to them.

Happy segmenting! If you need any help, we're available via live chat. 😃

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