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How to delete users in Canny

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Delete an end-user

⚠️ Deleting a user cannot be undone! ⚠️

Users can be deleted in Canny via the Users page:

  • Delete User — This will delete the user's profile, as well as all their votes, comments, and any posts they have created that have no votes or comments.

  • Ban User — This will delete the user's profile and feedback, but will also ban them permanently from posting again. Marking a post as spam will also ban that user.

Use the checkboxes to delete multiple users at once:

Users can also be deleted programmatically via the Canny API, though this is not recommended for the reasons listed below. Remember that a user's feedback can still have enormous value, even if that user has churned or is otherwise inactive.

Deleting a user will also delete ALL of that user's:

  • Votes

  • Comments

  • Posts that have no votes or comments
    (we will keep posts open that have votes/comments from other users)

  • Again, deleting a user cannot be undone.

Deleting a Canny admin

Admins can be removed from the Admins page in your Canny settings. Just use the red icon on the right:

When an admin is deleted:

  • Their comments and posts are still retained. This includes internal comments

  • They will be converted into a regular end-user.

  • They can be fully deleted just like any other end-user using the steps above.

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