Setting Up Your Custom Domain

Instructions on how to change your DNS settings and set up HTTPS/SSL for your custom domain

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Custom domains allow you to enable an alternate URL for your Canny instance. So instead of, you can have or something similar.

Note: Custom domains are only available on Canny's paid plans.

Setting up a custom domain:

First, make sure you've added your domain to the custom domain settings in Canny:

Setting up DNS

Next, add a CNAME record to your DNS, pointing the custom domain ( to ""

Here are some instructions for setting CNAME records in various popular DNS services:

HTTPS/SSL works automatically

We support HTTPS/SSL on our side via Let's Encrypt.

Upon receiving the first request to, we'll request an SSL certificate from Let's Encrypt. This process takes 5 to 60 seconds, so don't be surprised if the first request doesn't work.

If you need any help, reach out on live chat; we're happy to help!

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