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The Canny API lets you communicate with Canny and build your own tools using Canny's data. You can read and write information to and from Canny using the API. Check out the docs below:

What you can do with the API:


  • Fetch a board

  • List all boards


  • Fetch a category

  • List all categories

  • Create a category

  • Delete a category


  • Fetch changelog entries and their corresponding details

  • Create a changelog entry

  • List all changelog entries


  • Fetch a specific comment, or a list of comments for a Post, Board, or Author

  • Retrieve comment details, including the comment body

  • Create a new comment

  • Delete an existing comment


  • List all companies

  • Create a company

  • Update a company

  • Delete a company


  • List all opportunities


  • Fetch a specific post, or a list of posts by board or user

  • Return a list of posts. Include parameters to specify board, user, query, pagination, filtering, and sorting

  • Retrieve the details of an existing post

  • Create a new post

  • Edit a post

  • Update a post's status

  • Tag/Untag a post

  • Fetch a list of status changes, sorted chronologically

  • Create, list, and retrieve Tags


  • Find, create, and delete users

  • Vote on behalf of a user

  • Fetch a specific vote, or a list of votes associated with a Post, Board, or Author.

  • Delete votes


By setting up webhooks, your server will be notified of Canny events as they happen. For example, if a user creates a new post, we would send a request to your server to let you know.

You can set up webhooks for your account in the API & Webhooks settings page.


  • post.created — Occurs when a new post is created.

  • post.deleted — Occurs when a post is deleted.

  • post.jira_issue_linked — Occurs when a Jira issue is linked to a post.

  • post.jira_issue_unlinked — Occurs when a Jira issue is unlinked from a post.

  • post.status_changed — Occurs when a post's status is changed.

  • comment.created — Occurs when a new comment is created.

  • comment.deleted — Occurs when a comment is deleted.

  • vote.created — Occurs when a user votes on a post.

  • vote.deleted — Occurs when a user unvotes on a post.


For Canny accounts using Canny Autopilot, we offer direct access to the API to enqueue feedback for extraction and deduplication. This allows you to programmatically send feedback to Canny for processing.

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