The best veterans of customer support will tell you: Setting expectations is the key to happy customers. To that end, Canny makes it not only easy, but automatic via our Roadmap function!

How it works

By default, Canny will display Planned, In Progress, and Complete columns. Once you post a Changelog update, that is changed to: Under Review, Planned, or In Progress

When a Post status is changed, the post will automatically be moved to its corresponding status column on the Roadmap section of your Canny portal:

This way, your users know what's being worked on and can follow along with your product updates! Canny will also keep users updated via email. Learn more

The Roadmap can also be disabled from the Roadmap tab in your Canny settings.

You can see how a Roadmap looks live. Just check out to see what Canny's got cooking! 👩‍🍳 As always, just let us know if we can help. We're always happy to chat!


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