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How to set up your roadmap statuses and update the status of a post

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Posts statuses indicate to your users where a post is in the development process:

The default statuses are:

  • Open — (No status)

  • Under Review — (We are considering this)

  • Planned — (We are planning to work on this)

  • In Progress — (We are actively working on this)

  • Complete — (We are done working on this)

  • Closed — (We will not work on this)

Here's an in-depth article about when and how to use the different default statuses.

Setting up your statuses

If you are on the Growth or Business plan, you can customize the available statuses from the Roadmap & Statuses tab in your Canny settings.

You can also select which statuses will appear on the end-user roadmap via the toggles on the right side.

Changing a post's status

To change a post status, go to a post in your admin view:

Select a status from the dropdown. You can add a comment (along with an image) as part of the update. This will be included in the status update email below.

Voters (who have access to that board) will get a custom-branded email like this:

The end-user roadmap

Once you change the status of a post, it will show up in the end-user roadmap view on your Canny homepage:

You can also customize which columns appear on the end-user roadmap using the toggles on the Roadmap & Statuses tab in your Canny settings for users on the Growth or Business plans.

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