Canny offers Public Boards as well as Private Boards. All Canny Boards are Public by default. Public Boards are visible to anyone on the internet, and they will appear in search results on engines like Google. 

You have the option of turning off search engine indexing and hiding your board from the Boards tab in your Canny Settings. This makes it difficult to find without the URL.

Even on Public Boards, Canny does not allow people to enter completely anonymous feedback. A person must be identified in some way before they can create Posts, vote, or comment. This can be done automatically via Canny Identify or that user can create a free Canny account before posting.


When a user goes to create a Post, they are also searching as they type. This way, they will be able to see if the Post they are creating already exists; we try to prevent duplicates wherever we can. You or another Canny admin can easily merge Posts if one slips through, however. 

Users can delete a Post or edit a Post after it's been submitted only if they are the author. They can add Comments to any Post or reply in Post threads. They can also vote freely on any Post on the Board.

Voter Rules

Every user gets one vote per Post. There is no limit on how many Posts a user can cast a vote. Canny keeps track of all voters, and you can always view or export the voter list for a given Post. 

Just reach out if you have any questions. We're always happy to assist! 😊


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