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Edit, Delete, Merge, Unmerge, and move posts in your Canny boards

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Canny admins have full control over a post, so you can manage and update as needed. This guide will walk you through:

By the way, you can also manage posts in bulk using the ⌘ Command / Ctrl and ⬆ Shift keys in the feedback tab. Learn more:

Editing a post

Posts can be reworded by Canny admins for clarity or content.

Just use the "Edit Post" link on the original entry to update the wording from the admin view in Canny:

You can also attach images when editing.

Deleting a post

If you need to permanently remove a post for whatever reason, you can use the "Delete Post" option: 

⚠️ Before you delete:

  • If you want to prevent that user from ever posting again, you can mark the post as spam.

  • This will delete the post itself along with all comments on a post.

  • This action cannot be undone, so be sure you want to permanently delete the post. Deleted posts cannot be recovered.

  • Deleting a post will not notify the post author or any voters.

  • Consider marking the post as "Closed" instead.

    • This way, in case someone else makes the same request later on, they will be able to see it has already been considered. Learn more

Merging a post

Merging a post is used to combine two posts into one and combine duplicate posts.

  • Merging a post will combine all comments and votes into the remaining post.

  • The merged post will appear in the post comments.

  • Merging a post does not send any user notifications.

Just use the merge button in the top corner to combine posts:

Unmerging a post

After a post has been merged, you can unmerge by simply using the "Unmerge" option in the post comments:

NOTE: If post A is merged into post B and B is merged into post C, the Unmerge option will no longer appear on post A. You can unmerge B from C at that point, but post A can no longer be unmerged from post B.

Moving a post between boards

To move a post to a different board, simply use the "Actions" menu in the post options: 

Reporting a post as spam

Canny gives you the option to mark a post as spam:

Be careful! Marking a post as spam means:

  • The post will be deleted.

  • Once the post is deleted, this cannot be undone.

  • It will prevent that post's author from ever posting again.

  • The IP address that created the post/comment will also be banned from any further participation.

As always, we are happy to answer any questions. Just start a chat! 😃

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