All Canny Boards are Public by default. Public Boards are visible to anyone on the internet and they will appear in search results on engines like Google. You have the option of turning off search engine indexing and hiding your board from the homepage which makes it difficult to find without the URL.

The Private Boards feature allows you to restrict access to a specified group of people and keeps your board explicitly private. This could be either: 

  • Anybody who has an account with your company 
  • Anybody who has an email address, verified by email, G Suite, or Azure AD
  • Specific users with their individual email addresses.
  • Anybody you invite as a Canny admin

How it works

Private for all your existing users

This would commonly be used if you’d like to keep your board private and viewable only to your existing customers. 

Private for your team

This would commonly be used to track feedback internally from your teammates/company.

  • Adjust your board settings to "Private"
  • Under "Specific emails by domain", you can whitelist your email domains. 

Private to specific people

This would be commonly used to track feedback from beta testers, enterprise customers, partners and anyone else you wanted. 

  • Adjust your board settings to "Private"
  • Invite users via specific email addresses

Hope that helps! Shoot us a message if you need more clarification. 📨


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