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Private Boards

Choose different privacy options to limit access to your board

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  • Private boards are restricted. Someone must meet the criteria you set before they can view or participate on a private board.

  • All Canny boards are public by default.

  • Private boards are only available on the Growth and Business plans.

  • All Canny admins will be able to view all private boards, regardless of their admin role.

By contrast public boards are visible to anyone who has their URL

Criteria you can use to limit board access

  • Only people who you have authenticated—using either the Canny Identify SDK or via SSO (if you have embedded Canny as a widget).

  • User segments you have set up in Canny (available on the Growth plan)

  • Everybody with a specific email domain (for instance, This can be verified by email, G Suite, Okta, Azure AD, or other authentication integrations you have connected.

  • Specific individuals using their email address.

How each option works

1. Limited to only your existing users

This would commonly be used if you’d like to keep your board private and viewable only to your existing customers. 

2. Limited by user segment

This allows you to restrict board access to specific segments of users you have pre-defined. For example, if you want a board that's only visible to paying users or VIP users, this would be ideal.

  • Create a user segment

  • Adjust your board settings to "Private" in the Boards tab in your Canny settings.

  • Select your preferred segment from the dropdown:

3. Limited to a particular team/company

This option is commonly used to track feedback internally from your teammates/company. It can also be used to whitelist other email domains if you want to have a Private Board for VIP teams/companies.

  • Adjust your board settings to "Private" in the Boards tab in your Canny settings.

  • Under "Collaborators", type in the email domains you want to be able to access the board.

  • If you are wanting to add multiple domains, you can separate them using a comma.

4. Limited to specific people

This would be commonly used to track feedback from beta testers, enterprise customers, partners, investors, and anyone else you want to personally invite. 

  • Adjust your board settings to "Private" in the Boards tab in your Canny settings

  • Invite users via individual email addresses

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