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Board Filters

Sorting and filtering your posts to quickly find what you need

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Quickly identify the feedback that's relevant to you with the available filters.

When you open feedback in Canny, you'll see your posts listed next to a left-hand menu: 

Available filtering options

User Segment

User Segments allow you to group your users into specific groups (segments) based on specified traits (e.g. monthly spend, company size, etc.). This way, you can see which posts certain groups are interacting with.

Date Range

Filter posts by their creation date or by votes received within a date range.


Select which boards you want to be included in the list. Only posts from the selected boards will be available.


Filtering by status lets you see which posts are further along in the process.


Filter posts by a specific company. You can filter either

By Name

Search by the company name, just like you can in the Users tab in Canny.

By Account Owner

Filter companies by the person on your team who owns each account. The account owner is the person (on your team) assigned to that company. For this to work, the account owner field in the Company fields tab in the Fields page of the Canny settings must have a value.


Tags are only visible to Canny admins. Any given post can also have multiple tags applied to it. Filtering by tag lets you quickly group posts together.


Categories are visible to users and can be selected when creating a post. You can reassign a post to a new category as an admin.


Canny lets you assign individual owners to your posts. Any Canny admin can be set as the "owner" of a given post. This ensures everyone's role is clear and defines accountability.

Searching / Sorting

  • Trending: Sort the board by which posts have gotten the most votes recently. Most activity at the top.

  • Top: Sort by raw vote totals. Most votes at the top. Least votes at the bottom.

  • MRR: This option will sort posts by total MRR (Monthly Recurring Revenue) value. (NOTE: If multiple users from the same company vote on one post, the MRR value will not increase. The company's value is only counted once per post.)

  • Newest: Sort the board in chronological order, newest posts first.

  • Oldest: Sort the board in chronological order, oldest posts first.

  • Opportunities: This is only for accounts with Salesforce connected. Salesforce will pass over the total dollar value for Opportunities. This way, you can see which posts will most help your sales team close those deals!

Saved filters

Once you have the filters you need, you can also save your filter selections for next time:

Export filtered posts

Once you have the filters in place, you can export the resulting list of posts. You'll see that option at the top of the second column on the main Feedback page, just below the post creation button:

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