The "Create Post" Form

Maximize the feedback you get with a little guidance for your users!

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Users will fill out the "create post" form to submit new feedback:

You can customize the fields and wording of the form in the Boards tab in your Canny settings:

Every string in the "create post" form can be edited (with the exception of the label "category" if you're using categories):

  • Each board has its own separate "create post" form, so be sure it's optimized for the board it's on!

  • Emojis are supported πŸ‘

Custom post fields

Teams on Canny Growth or above can optionally add three additional post fields to the form to collect more information.

Using Canny in a different language

You can also use the "create post" form in a different language if you have a non-English board. Characters from other languages are supported!

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