Use categories to group and organize posts on your Canny boards

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Categorize posts for easy organization.

Unlike tags, categories are visible to end-users as well as Canny admins. (Tags are not visible to end-users users.) Also, unlike tags, a post can only be assigned a single category at a time.

Creating & Managing Categories

  1. Go to the Boards tab in your Canny settings and select the Categories section.

  2. From there, select the board.

    1. Each board has its own set of categories

  3. You'll see the option to create a new category at the bottom of the page. Just start typing!

From here, you can also rename or delete any existing Categories. Just hover over a category to see the options.โ€‹


A subcategory is nested within a top-level subcategory. You can just click the arrow icon to create a subcategory:

Subcategories are treated just like regular categories when filtering.


Admins have the option to subscribe to any category or subcategory. This means they will receive notifications in Canny related to posts in this category. This does NOT mean they will receive more emails from Canny.

Using Categories

Once a board has categories, users will see the option to select a category when creating a new post:

Categories can also be added manually within Canny from the right-hand Details panel

Apply Categories in bulk

Multi-select posts to add Categories in bulk. Just hold down the Ctrl (โŒ˜ on Mac) or Shift key in the feedback tab in Canny:

Filter by Category using the left-hand panel:

Subcategories will be included when filtering by a top-level category as shown in the GIF above. You can filter for more than one Category at a time.

Categories will also have their own column in the roadmap:

Examples of common categories:ย 

  • Feature / Function (e.g. Modules, Billing, Dashboard, etc.)

  • Device/OS (e.g. Android, OSX, Desktop Browser, etc.)

  • Team (e.g. UI/UX Design, Engineering, Sales, etc.)

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