Use categories to group and organize posts on your Canny boards

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Canny categories allow you (and your users) to easily organize your boards. Unlike tags, categories are visible to your users.

Here are some examples of common categories: 

  • Feature / Function (Modules, Billing, Dashboard, etc.)

  • Device/OS (Android, OSX, Desktop Browser, etc.)

  • Team (UI/UX Design, Engineering, Sales, etc.)

How to set up categories

  1. On a board, click on the category settings. (You can also go to the Boards tab in your Canny settings.)

Once your categories are created, they can be assigned from the options within a given post

How to set up sub-categories

  1. Once you have created your parent category, you can mouse over the existing category and click the arrow icon to create a new sub-category.

Things to know:

  • Categories are visible to end-users

  • Users can self-select which category applies to their post. (You can change the category in the admin view).

  • A post can only be assigned to one category. 

  • Categories are specific to a single board. 

  • Typically, categories represent the teams that will need to address the request or a particular section/feature of your app. 

  • Categories also allow you as a Canny admin to subscribe from categories that are relevant to you personally:

Categories are often used alongside tags. To learn a bit more about the difference, we recommend reading our Tags vs Categories entry. 

For best practices on organizing feedback in Canny, check out our blog post: Canny Best Practices: Organizing Feedback

Let us know if you have any questions, of course. We're happy to assist! 😀

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