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How to collect additional structured information in Canny posts

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Collect additional structured information on posts. Custom post fields can be added to the "create post" form or added manually from the Feedback tab in Canny:

Custom post fields are in addition to default post fields like MRR, Category, and ETA.

Create Custom Post Fields

To get started, head to your team's Post Fields settings to create new post fields. Select the field type that will help you best capture what you're looking for.

Available types of custom post fields:

  • Number: e.g. 123

  • Multiline text: Allows for a paragraph

  • Multiselect dropdown: Select one or more options from available choices

  • Dropdown: Select one option from available choices

  • Single-line text: A one-line string of text

Some examples may include:

  • Platform

  • Relevant product area

  • Relevant objective/initiative

  • Reproduction steps

  • Link to a file

  • Severity/Priority

Where to use custom post fields

The Create Post Form

Add up to 3 custom post fields from the "create post" form tab in the Boards section in your Canny settings:

Add a label and placeholder text for each new field:

To make a field required, just enable the toggle. The post cannot be submitted until that field has been filled if this toggle is enabled:

The Feedback tab

Not every custom post field needs to be on the "create post" form. You can use custom post fields internally.

All custom post fields are available on the right-hand side of the Feedback tab in Canny:

Things to note

  • Custom post fields are available to teams on Canny Growth and Business plans.

  • Custom post fields are shared across your whole company.

  • A maximum of 3 custom post fields can be added to the "create post" form

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