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Get notifications when something happens in Canny

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Integrate Canny with Discord to get instant notifications from specific boards and select events.

Setting up the Discord Integration

  1. Go to the Discord page in your Canny settings

  2. Connect and authorize your Discord Server

  3. Choose which Discord text channel(s) will receive notifications

  4. Customize the boards and events you want notifications for

Adding the integration to private Discord Channels

The Canny bot will need access to the private channel(s) in order to send messages there.

To do this, head to your channel settings > Permissions. You can either give the Canny bot specific access to the channel or allow users with a specific role (that the bot has) to access the channel.

Once the Canny bot has access to the private channel, you'll be able to send notifications there.

Note: Any time you add a new board, you'll need to enable it here to get notifications delivered.

As always, just reach out if you have any questions! We are here to help! πŸ‘

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