Create automated actions to simplify your Canny workflow

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As a Canny administrator, you may find yourself performing repeated actions. In response to this, we've created automations to simplify your workflow. In this help article, we will cover how to create and manage your automations.

Creating automations

You can get started by navigating to the automation settings of your Canny company. Here, you will find the ability to create new rules. You can populate the "create rule" form with text-based triggers and the tags that should be applied to the post if those trigger conditions are met.

Based on the board and the keyword contents of the post, you'll be able to automate:

After saving the new rule, it will show up in your automation settings, with details such as the board that it applies to, and the number of posts it has affected since creation.

Editing automations

Automations can be edited after creation by clicking on the three-dot menu on the automation rule. Editing the rule is similar to creating a rule.

Disabling automations

Similarly, automations can be enabled or disabled by clicking the toggle button on the automation rule. This will prevent the rule from applying automations to any new posts.

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