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Understand the urgency of your users and adjust your roadmap accordingly

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Vote priority allows you to indicate how important a post is for a voter. You can see whether a request is critical or just a nice addition.

The specific options available for priority are:

  • No Priority (Default)

  • Nice to have

  • Important

  • Must have

Vote priority can be set from the voter list by a Canny admin:

Note: End-users do not have the option to indicate the vote priority. Only Canny admins can set the vote priority. We have found that voters often overstate the importance of a function in hopes of expediting the development.

Using vote priority in the roadmap/prioritization tool

You can also see vote priority in Canny's prioritization roadmaps.

Start by going to your Score modal, and click on "Add new" to see the new options for user votes: nice to have, important, and must have.


From there, you'll see a new column with vote counts for each selected priority:


Vote priority on the user profile

On the Users tab in Canny, you'll be able to see which votes have what priority. This is very helpful information to have when talking to an existing customer about renewal or a prospect about an opportunity.


Enjoy! We hope this helps your team have a better understanding of your customers' needs.

Note: Vote priority is available for teams on the Growth plan and above.

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