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Track feedback on behalf of customers from within Zendesk tickets

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This integration allows you to capture feedback from people in Zendesk. To get started, go to your Zendesk settings page and connect your Zendesk account.

NOTE: You must be a Zendesk Admin and a Canny Admin to successfully install this integration.

Once you've connected your Zendesk account, you'll see a new panel when looking at a ticket. From here, you'll be able to link the Zendesk ticket to a Canny post. You can search existing Canny posts or create new posts.

Linking the ticket to a post in Canny automatically adds that user's vote. In Canny, you'll see a Zendesk link in the voter list that brings you back to the original ticket.

Simple as that! Now your customer's feedback won't slip through the cracks. πŸ’¬
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