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Create posts in your Canny boards by uploading a CSV (spreadsheet file)

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Do you have a backlog of ideas already in a spreadsheet? 

This feature is perfect for companies brand new to Canny or for a new team at your company that wants to use Canny.

How it works

Firstly, make sure to prepare your CSV file. We support importing Post title, description, status, and tags. For instance:

  • Title: Dark Theme

  • Details: Enable an option for a dark theme on the app. Users should be able to toggle at will. This will reduce eye strain and lessen battery consumption on mobile screens.

  • Status: Under Review

  • Tags: Q2, Low priority
    [add as many tags as you like, just make sure they're comma-separated]

  • Category: Look & Feel

Only one field is required: Title. If you're moving from a different tool, you can usually export your data. If a CSV export isn't an option, you should be able to convert it by using something similar to this JSON to CSV converter. For importing tags, use comma-separated values (e.g. tag1, tag2, tag3).

Please note:

  • Any statuses that don't align with the current statuses in your account will be created as a new status option. Posts with no status set will default to Open

  • If another post has the exact same title, it will be overridden with the new values being imported.

  • All posts created via this method will be attributed to the admin who uploads the spreadsheet.

  • Posts can also be created (and attributed to users) via the API. You can also assign user votes via API after the posts have been created.


1. Head to the Boards tab in your Canny Settings, and select the "Import Data" tab.

2. Upload your CSV file.

3. Align your info with the data in each column. 

  • Make sure you toggle "First row is the header" if you have a header row so that row isn't imported as a separate post.

  • The "Skip" option will simply ignore that column. Only Title, Details, Status, Tags, and Categories will be imported.

4. Click "Import"! 

Our team of highly skilled robots will handle the rest.🦾

Happy importing! Feel free to reach out with any questions. By the way, feel free to check out the Canny API for further automated options!

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