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Add a comment to a post that can only be seen internally by Canny admins

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Add comments that are not visible to your end-users.

Examples of when to use internal comments:

  • Log conversation details from other channels

  • Discuss feature scope with your team

  • Give unofficial status updates to your teammates

  • Uploade sensitive screenshots with user data

Internal comments appear in the post activity with a shaded background like this:

For users on a paid plan, comments are internal by default. You can enable the toggle to post a public comment instead:

  • Fellow teammates who are mentioned will receive an email, and they will also see a notification the next time they log into Canny.

  • Internal comments are only available on all paid plans.

Markdown formatting

Comments (both internal and public) also support markdown syntax if you want to format the text in the comment!

By the way, markdown is also supported in the post details! Learn more

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