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Stale posts

What is a "stale" post?

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When is a post considered stale?

A post becomes stale when it has one of the active statuses for more than 4 weeks. By default, Active statuses are Under Review, Planned, and In Progress. However, you can create custom Active statuses if you prefer like "My Active Status".

To help with prioritization, the Canny admin dashboard lets you know when posts are considered "stale":

Active statuses can be seen under this section in the Roadmap & Statuses tab in your Canny settings:

Things to know about stale posts:

  • The list of stale posts is never visible to end-users.
    They can only be seen by Canny admins.

  • Only the top three stale posts will appear on the dashboard. You can use board filters for more analysis.

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