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The Customer Requests Report
The Customer Requests Report

Identify the most important requests from your key customers

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The customer requests report will help you prioritize feature development based on customer needs and business impact by company.

This report is only available to accounts on the Growth and Business plans.

Where does the data from this report come from?

This report mostly pulls data from the fields listed in the company fields tab in the Fields page of the Canny settings:

Each field listed on that page is passed into Canny via one of the following:

Post Status and Vote Priority are part of Canny feedback.

Opportunity value requires either the Salesforce or HubSpot integrations (both are only available on the Business plan).

The Report Columns

The customer requests report includes the following columns:

  • Company Spend: This includes the company name and spending.
    Below that first line is a list of Canny posts associated with this company (that have a vote priority set)

  • Renewal Risk: Indicate the likelihood of a client renewing their subscription.

  • Account Owner: This is different from the post owner in Canny. Usually, this is the person on your Success or Sales team in charge of this company.

  • Renewal Date: Pass in the date of their next renewal. This is usually for clients who are set up on a contract that does not automatically renew.

  • Post Status: The current Canny status of a post associated with that company.

  • Vote Priority: This indicates how important a specific feature is to a particular company.

  • Total Opportunity Value: This reflects the potential revenue associated with a feature request.

    • Opportunity data is pulled from either the Salesforce or HubSpot integrations. Learn more

How can you leverage this report?

  • Identify key features: See which features are most important to high-spending customers or those at risk of churning.

  • Prioritize development: Focus on features with high vote priority and opportunity value.

  • Improve communication: Use the report to understand customer needs and communicate your roadmap effectively.

Who should use this report?

This report is particularly valuable for success and sales agents who can use it to:

  • Identify high-priority customer requests.

  • Reach out to key contacts and discuss their needs.

  • Communicate how your roadmap aligns with customer priorities.

Things to note:

  • You can customize the report by filtering by company or sorting by various columns.

  • Vote priority from a voter assigned to a company is the only requirement for a post to appear on the customer requests report.

  • This report can be partially generated based on only the fields available.

  • The Business plan is NOT required for this report to generate, but it does mean that values like the Opportunity value will not be filled in.

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