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How to add structured information to Canny posts

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Post fields in Canny make it possible to include structured information on posts. Canny offers some default post fields like MRR, Category, and ETA. In some cases, you might want to create custom post fields that make sense for your product. For example, you can create post fields for:

  • Platform

  • Relevant product area

  • Relevant objective/initiative

  • Reproduction steps

  • Link to design file

  • Severity/priority

Create Custom Post Fields

To get started, head to your team's Post Fields settings to create new post fields. Select the field type that will help you best capture what you're looking for. Note that custom post fields are shared across your whole company.

Once you have post fields set up, you can use them in several areas in Canny:

Create Post Form

You can select up to three additional post fields to include on any board's create post form. Under the Fields section, click on "Add Field" to add a post field to the form.

You will see a modal that will let you select from existing post fields. You can also specify the label and placeholder to adjust how it shows up on the create form.

Once a post field has been added to the create form, you can specify if the field should be required.

Admin Post

Any admins in Canny will be able to see and edit post fields in the admin view.

Custom post fields are available to teams on Canny Growth and above.

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