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Sync users easily into Canny with our integration
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Note: This is different from Canny's built-in user segmentation function.

Canny's integration with lets you easily capture users from your Segment sources and makes them available in Canny. Rich customer data will help inform your product decisions. Your users will also be instantly available for voting-on-behalf.

How to Install

To get started, go to your Segment settings page and click the "Install Segment" button.

You will then be routed to Segment where you will be prompted to login and authorize the Canny Destination. Select the workspace and source you would like to integrate and click allow.

... And you're done! Wasn't that easy? 😄After clicking "Allow" you will be rerouted back to Canny where we will complete the installation.

Custom Fields

If you'd like to import more than the default user traits (e.g. name, email), you can import Segment's other user traits into Canny as Custom Fields.

Click the "Configure Segment" button in your Segment Admin Settings page and you will be routed to your Canny Destination Settings in Segment. 

Once there, click on the Custom Fields connection setting, input as many traits as you want, then hit Save.

As always, feel free to shoot us a message if you need help!

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