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Note: This is different from Canny's built-in user segmentation function.

Canny's integration with lets you easily capture users from your Segment sources and makes them available in Canny. Rich customer data will help inform your product decisions. Your users will also be instantly available for voting-on-behalf.

How to Install

1. Go to your Segment settings page and copy the API key to use with Segment's app catalog.

2. Once copied, head to Canny in the Segment Catalog and click "Add destination"

3. Once you arrive at the setup screen, set up your destination.

(This lets Segment know where to send data. Select your data source and set up your destination).

From there, you can enter your API key into the API key field. Make sure to enable the "Enable Destination" toggle, then save the changes.

Mapping Custom Fields

To sync custom fields to Canny, simply click on the "Mappings" heading on the page. Once there, click on the 3 dots of the "Identify" trigger, and edit the mapping.

Note: Currently, custom fields are only available for the "Identify" trigger, and not for the "Group" trigger.

From there, you can adjust your data mapping.

Note: when testing through the Segment UI that your mapped data is sent to Canny correctly, please make sure you have PII enabled for your Segment user. Otherwise, Segment will not be able to map your email field as expected and this will result in an error from Canny.

If you'd like to import more than the default user traits (e.g. name, email), you can import Segment's other user traits into Canny as Custom Fields.

Once you've got your custom fields added, click the "Save" button, and you're done! πŸ˜„

Things to note:

  • The fields and are required, without it the identify call will return an error. If you'd like to also pass custom fields, the title of the field needs to be preceded by traits for the field to be recognized by Canny.

  • Groups in Segment cannot be passed to Canny. Only the attributes in Segment can be sent. User segments can be built using the attributes passed over to group customers

As always, feel free to shoot us a message if you need help!

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