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Can I vote on behalf of my users?
Can I vote on behalf of my users?

Yes! We have a feature that lets you track the feedback you get from other channels

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Yes! Canny does allow you to cast a vote on your user's behalf. This feature is for you if your team:

  • doesn't want to show a Canny board publicly on your website but wants to keep track of which users want what

  • gets feedback via other channels (Email, Intercom, customer calls etc.) that you want to keep track of in Canny

  • ever has to enter feedback manually on a user's behalf

In your admin view, the voters panel on each post allows you to manually add voters.

Type in who expressed interest in that post. Canny will suggest existing users if the name matches:

We highly recommend setting up our SDK to automatically populate this list.

Will they get status update emails?

Yes! When you add a manual voter, you have the option of adding an email address. Canny will send them an email update when you change the status of the post.

Vote on behalf of users with our integrations

You can vote on behalf of customers straight from those tools via Canny's direct integrations! Click below to learn more:

As always, if you have any questions, just shoot us a message!

Editing a user's name in the Canny interface

Make a typo when voting on behalf of a user? You can now go back and edit it. Just head to the user's profile, click on their name, and adjust.

2023-03-16 17

For names that are synced (via our SDK or an integration), you will not be able to edit them in Canny. You'll need to go to the source of that information to make changes. To make that easier, we show data sources on user profiles.


If you have any further questions, we are always here to help!

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