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This integration allows you to capture feedback from contacts in Salesforce. It's a great way to keep an eye on what prospective customers are asking for.

Set up the integration

To get started, go to your Salesforce settings page and authenticate your Salesforce account.

Go through the login flow and allow the permissions.

Back in Canny, you'll see step 2: installing Canny's Salesforce package.

Go through the installation flow.


Now from your Leads or Contacts tab, locate the "Edit Page" setting:

Find the Canny component on the left side:

Drag the component where you want it (here we've placed it in the related card).
Click save and you're done!

Adding feedback

Now that you have the integration set up, you'll be able to link Salesforce contacts to Canny posts. You can search existing Canny posts or create new posts.

In the Canny component, you can see a list of previous requests. Click "New" to track new feedback.

Use search to see if the post exists already. If it does, add their vote by clicking on the upvote button.

If it doesn't, go ahead and create a new post.

That's it! You have successfully tracked feedback from contacts within Salesforce.

Let us know if you have any feedback!


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