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More information on the Inbox beta and how to navigate the new Canny feedback Inbox.

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Welcome to the Canny Inbox beta! πŸŽ‰

The Benefits:

  1. Help you get more feedback with automated detection of feature requests

  2. Organize your feedback with an inbox that surfaces new items with quick actions

  3. Identify and remove spam with automated spam detection.

The Inbox

The new Inbox view should be available to you in your admin navigation.

There are three areas of the Inbox:

External Suggestions

The Inbox will process conversations from your connected integrations to extract any potential feedback opportunities. All PII (Personal Identifying Information) is stripped before being processed by our AI partnership.

The Inbox can extract insights from conversations in:

You'll see the source in the left column and can click on it to go to the original conversation.

Things to note:

  • Conversations are only processed after they are closed out in Intercom, Zendesk, etc.

  • When first connecting an integration, Canny will process closed conversations from the previous 30 days

  • New conversations will be processed as older suggestions are resolved

  • In Intercom only: If a support rep manually tracks feedback, Canny will skip processing that conversation

Canny posts

1. Approve new posts

When a new post is created, it will automatically appear in this section. This way, your team can easily approve or delete newly-created posts. To be clear, this will not prevent the post from appearing on the board instantly when the user creates it. This is only for review purposes:

2. Merge Duplicates

Canny will automatically identify posts that are likely duplicates and recommend them for merging. Easily merge them in one click!


Canny will analyze posts for potential spam. The "Confidence" column indicates how confident Canny is that this is spam. The higher the confidence, the more sure the system is that this is spam.


  • The "Approve content" button will approve the post and leave it on the board.

  • The "Confirm spam" button will mark the post as spam. This not only deletes the post, but will also delete all other posts, votes, or comments by that user, delete their profile, and prevent that IP address from posting again.

  • The "Delete post" button will simply delete that post without taking any further action on that user.


If there are multiple people processing the Inbox, it will likely make sense to use filters.

Want different filters? Please comment on this post.

Things to note

  • Canny will only sync data from conversations where the most recent interaction occurred within the last 30 days.

  • Canny only syncs new conversations if the inbox has less than 100 pending items. So as you go through the inbox, new drafts will keep coming in.

  • Canny will automatically dismiss drafts if they are suggested for merging into posts marked as closed or complete.

  • The Inbox is only visible to admins with the Owner or Manager admin role.

  • An AI endpoint is available on the Canny API here if you'd like to programmatically send feedback to Canny for processing.

Thank you for joining this beta

As participants in this beta, we would love to hear from you. We've created a hidden board for beta feedback. Please include feature requests as well as general thoughts on this new functionality we're building.

Not in the beta yet? Contact us via live chat to get on the list! Feel free to ask questions as well!

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