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More information on the Inbox beta and how to navigate the new Canny feedback Inbox.

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Welcome to the Canny Inbox beta! Our two main goals are to:

  1. Help you get more feedback with automated detection of feature requests

  2. Organize your feedback with an inbox that surfaces new items with quick actions

As participants in this beta, we would love to hear from you. We've created a hidden board for beta feedback. Please include feature requests as well as general thoughts on this new functionality we're building.

Not in the beta yet? Contact us via live chat to get on the list!

Inbox view

The new Inbox view should be available to you in your admin navigation.

The Inbox view is where you'll find:

  • New posts in Canny

  • Automatically identified feature requests

Note: The Inbox is only available for admins with the Owner or Manager role.

Automated detection of feature requests

The Inbox is currently able to process conversations from Intercom and Help Scout. You'll see the source in the left column and can click on it to go to the original conversation.

Head to the integration pages to make sure the account is connected. Canny should start detecting feature requests from there.

More about how conversations are processed:

  • Conversations are only processed after they are closed out

  • When first connecting an integration, Canny will process closed conversations from the previous 30 days

  • In Intercom, if a support rep manually tracks feedback, Canny will skip processing that conversation

Canny posts in the Inbox

The Inbox is not an approval queue for Canny posts. When users create a post directly in Canny, they will still get posted instantly. This is so Canny continues to function as usual and so other users can vote on new posts right away.

The benefit of showing Canny posts in the Inbox is to make them really easy to review. At a quick glance, you can see the ones Canny identified as duplicates.

Hit the merge icon in the middle to complete the merge.

Quick actions

Our goal is to make the Canny Inbox as easy to process as possible. To do that, we've included quick actions on the right side:

Keyboard shortcuts:

  1. Hover over the row (or just leave the cursor on the first row to process them one by one)

  2. Hold the "option/alt" key and one of the following:

Feature requests:
N: open the create post modal
V: open the vote popover
X: delete post
M: merge into the identified duplicate

N: create new post
X: delete post
B: ban user

Cmd/Ctrl + Return/Enter to proceed with the confirmation dialog.


If there are multiple people processing the Inbox, it might make sense to use filters. Coming soon, you'll be able to filter by board and source.

Want different filters? Please add them to the post.

Thank you for joining this beta

We want to hear any feedback related to this so please chime in on the feedback board or contact us via live chat. Feel free to ask questions as well!

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