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Merging and unmerging posts
Merging and unmerging posts

How to combine two posts into one

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Combine duplicate posts by merging.

Let's say you have post "A" and someone creates post "B." You can merge B into A. This means only post A will remain.

  • Merging a post will bring over all the comments and votes into the remaining post.

  • The merged post will show up in the post comments.

  • Merging a post does not send any user notifications.

Just use the merge button in the top corner to combine the two:

Unmerging a post

After a post has been merged, you can unmerge by simply using the "Unmerge" option in the post comments:

NOTE: If post A is merged into B and B into C, the Unmerge option will no longer appear in post A. You can unmerge B from C but then not A from B.

Dealing with duplicates has never been easier! πŸ˜ƒ

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