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Creating a Post

How Canny receives feedback in the form of posts

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There are a few ways to create a post in Canny. Let's take a look at all the options:

1. Manually create a post within Canny:

You can easily create a post from the Feedback tab in Canny using the pencil icon at the top of the page:

This option is only available to Canny admins listed on the Admins page in your Canny settings.

You can also create posts or add votes on behalf of someone else as a Canny admin.

2. From your Canny page (e.g.

This is where end-users will primarily submit feedback. Anyone with access to a board will be able to create a new post.

Note: End-users can delete a post they created as long as there are no comments and the post has no other votes.

3. From an integration (e.g. Zendesk, Intercom, Salesforce, etc.)

Many of the available integrations can be used to create feedback. Canny also links the conversation/contact directly in the voter list of each post for easy reference:

4. Using the Canny Chrome extension

The Chrome extension is available only on the Business plan. But it allows you to add feedback to Canny from anywhere.

5. Via the Canny API

Canny's powerful API lets you supercharge your Canny experience! Learn more

6. Import posts from a CSV (spreadsheet file)

Canny allows you to import a spreadsheet with the data for multiple posts at a time. This is especially useful for teams who are just getting Canny set up:

More info about organizing your posts is available here.

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